Fire and I Are Friends of Old

by Shawn Allen

Fire and I are friends of old.
When I was a child, I would wake
in the darkest part of the night
and talk with the fires burning in my bed.
We would sing songs of burning,
and dance in the ways that fires dance.
They told me stories only fires know
in their languages, known to but a few;
and showed me the secrets of their kind.
As I grew older, they came less often,
and they grew larger and brighter.
They taught me of alchemy and shadows
and they whispered their names into my ear.
Now I am an old man, and do not sleep,
and in all my hours I dream of infernos.
They leap and chant and weave their spells:
the sound of them is like drums.
They tell me of a new world birthing,
of new suns rising over new horizons.
They tell me to share their stories,
they ask me to sing their songs.
Fire and I are friends of old.