by Shawn Allen


Singing in the veins; hot.
Throb and thrum; rhythm. The meter.
This vox vitae swells, from center
out and out to the farthest
extremity, carrying the sky.
This melody swells, then contracts;
the return of breathless blue
to the core. A harmony of surrender
to expectant silence; to be reborn
as harmony. Sing these bloodsongs.


The pinch. The push. A drop on the fingertip.
Crimsonbright and shining in the light,
this is life itself.


Moving out and back again,
ebb and flow; the cycle.
The tides of a life, rise
and falling back to rise.
Rivers return to the sea.


In theaters of flesh, this vital opera
from the womb-overture
through the acts – the score of passages.
Every passion’s aria inflames;
the prima donna performs,
the claque responds.
Across the stage, the actors move,
through climax to finale,
to the final stroke of the score.
And the libretto is passed through
the ages and generations.

(c) Shawn D. Allen.