Everything is Now

by Shawn Allen

If you dig down deep enough, you will touch the clouds.
If you sit in silence, only then you’ll hear the song.
If you go on long enough, you will never die
because, one day, you realize – everything is now.
When you give up knowing, you will understand.
When you’re at your loneliest, you are not alone.
When you travel far enough, you find that you’ve returned
for that is when you realize that everywhere is here.
You know this in your heart, though the mind says it’s not so.
You feel it in your soul, when you don’t put up a fight.
You understand the universe, you understand yourself,
on the day you realize – everything is you.
If you reach up high enough, you will grab your feet.
If you dream it hard enough, you’ll hold it in your hand.
If you watch it long enough, you’ll know the way it moves
and on that day you’ll realize that everything is now.

(c) Shawn D. Allen.