Gods: a meditation

by Shawn Allen

We are all Michael, like gods. We have the power to create and destroy.
Look into the eyes of another, then simply look away – dismiss them, negate them. Without words, you are able to wipe away their existence. Close your heart, and you remove their own divinity from them.
Hold their gaze and, with words alone, you can destroy them. You can crush their soul and steal from them hours they will spend in self-loathing or grief. Point your finger and you will drive them to their knees, to the ground.
With other words, you can enrage them. By knowing their fears and failings, you can control this person’s days, should you wish. Close you fist, and you can make them into beasts.
Or you can raise their downcast eyes to the heavens. You can speak words of comfort, words of hope, or simple words of understanding.
You can open your hands and your heart, and show them there is another world hidden within the one they had been inhabiting.
Hold out your hand in welcome, hold out your heart in recognition of the other’s own god-nature, and you have created a new universe!
Yes we – you and I and all you meet – are Michael; like unto gods.
What manner of god will you be?


(c) Shawn D. Allen