Will I find that soul again?

by Shawn Allen

Will I find that soul again?
The one that already knows mine,
The one with questions
To my answers?
I don’t know if I’m eager
Or scared to death.
Like two rose vines on a trellis
Growing upward and expanding together,
Twisted into one another . . .
Is that still possible;
Or is this soul too scarred,
Too filled with memories and wounds
To take that risk again?
Will there ever be another name
That everyone joins with mine?
One that defines us,
Combines us?
I can’t hear it, can’t imagine
How it will sound . . .
Can there be another face
To add to, and not replace,
The faces I already hold
In my hands, in my heart,
And not be jealous?
Are there eyes in the world
I can ever look into that way?
Is there love anywhere anymore?
Is there another soul
That is safe enough
Dangerous enough
Small enough
Large enough
Innocent and hurt enough
Daring and scared enough
To match mine and
Will I find it?
Will I ever find
That soul again?


(c) Shawn D. Allen