my words

Month: April, 2014

Ecstasy. Passion. Rapture.
These rip the flesh from you,
burn the bone to ash.
In that ultimate moment of expression
you are utterly destroyed.
Nothing that was, is.
Give yourself over to them,
hold back nothing
and let yourself be re-created.

(c) Shawn D. Allen.



I want you naked before me.
My hands upon your truth,
Beyond shame and constraint.
This flesh is temporary,
A passing fashion of the soul.
I need to go deeper, to the essence of you
Where we no more exist –
Where there is only I Am,
And I am to your eyes exposed;
Innocent and without guile.
Would you touch me there?
For I am naked before you.

(c) 04-30-2014
Shawn D. Allen.

WORDS: a meditation

Words are snakes;
Serpents of meaning shedding skins.
Leaving only the memory of truth
On the virgin page.

We are our words;
The stories we tell, we become.
Our lives, the footprint of legends
Upon the fertile world.

(c) 04-30-2014
Shawn D. Allen.

Dunwich Dreams

I looked into the night and the sky was burning.
People, their skins ‘verted to the inside, and organs and muscle
exposed, roamed the wet streets.
From oceans whip’d to frenzy as if mad rose ancient temples
and elder beings which made the air itself to scream.
Tearing at my offending eyes to rid myself of these visions
I thought – Never eat lasagna before bed again.

(c) 04-27-2014
Shawn D. Allen.

Terminal Eyes

There were no pictures of his eyes. With all the pictures out there, you would have expected at least a few where you could see them clearly; but, no. 
In pictures he was always looking somewhere else, turning his head, too far away, or something was between them and the camera. It almost had to be intentional or some grand conspiracy. Otherwise, it was simply too weird…
As I crossed the airport terminal, I found myself wondering what color his eyes would be? I could pick his face out of a crowd, possibly even sculpt it blindfolded. I was sure I could recognize him by his hands alone. I knew the sound of his voice speaking my name, reading his stories, telling me about his days and loves. But something as simple as the color of his eyes was something I didn’t know – had, for some reason, never asked.
Then I saw him from across the crowds of people meeting, embracing, rushing and standing in the terminal. My eyes were drawn to the place where he stood as if they’d been made to see only him. He was looking in my direction, intently staring. A smile formed on the face I knew intimately.
From across the distance, I saw his eyes for the first time…

from: The New 52
(c) 04-26-2014
Shawn D. Allen.

Lucifer’s Step-Children

Tho’ many perceive us as such
We are nothing new to the World,
Merely something forgot.
We are brothers and sisters and lovers:
None greater or lesser,
Each one ancestor and progeny.
We walk through the Ages, hand in hand,
Arm in arm, together. 
Not an army or mob,
an ever-growing family
of Lightbringers;
Perfected in our flaws,
Wholeness crafted of shards,
Wise with unknowing;
Gods in our mortality.

from: The New 52
(c) 04-26-2014
Shawn D. Allen.


Sometimes hope is all we have, and it’s at those times when the greatest magic can happen! These are the times when you must look over the edge into the Abyss (the one that gazes back) and Jump!
We may become Orpheus, descending into Hades to recover lost love – the mature self-love that recognizes the beloved in everything it sees. And this time there will be no turning back.
Or we may find that angels arrive to bear us aloft! We will glimpse Paradise and remember the only Original Sin is to forget that we are a beautiful part of the divine. Then we return, borne by those same angels, with the message and the charge to build that Paradise into our days and lives.
Do not fear! Whether Angels or Abyss, the journey is full of awe and terror, beauty and danger, and it is all yours. It is the most amazing and important thing you can do.
Jump, my dear friend, jump!


Shawn D. Allen
(c) 4-14-2014


Etched by light onto the thin film of space
Each image contains the whole
Each piece is connected to every other
Each experience is shared by all
And when one changes direction
Another one responds, instantly, eerily
The mystery is this – when everything is removed
Something yet remains to connect
Vibration with no noise
Movement without a coming or going
Observation that does not judge
And a joy that defies reason
An energy with no point of origin
Which intersects and infuses
Binding every one thing
To every other thing in this world
And the many worlds
The light shines through it
And projects the depth and length and hours
Onto the perceived reality
Through which we move
Images of the whole, connected,
Observing, moving in resonance
Within the hologram

(c) Shawn D Allen.


Just something I posted to Facebook as text, then my friend Jim Sharp made this amazing meme image from it!

Listen: a meditation


If you listen with your ears
you will only hear the music.
Instead, hear the song…

(c) Shawn D. Allen