Hungry Heart

by Shawn Allen

I’ve got a hungry heart
And the blood of every man
Cries out for life to start –
Won’t you tell me when it can?

Everything comes up from love,
And everything returns.
Those bonds are as unbroken,
Where others can be burned.

Where is the passion? Where is the rain?
Where are the singers? Where is the change?

I am a hungry soul
And I’m desperate for my folk.
How can I reach my goal
When I’m burdened by this yoke?

Everything comes down to this:
The flesh cannot abide
Cannot contain the tender kiss,
The fire deep inside.

And I want to share this fire with the world,
This whole world, and the next,
And the ones after.

Yes, everything comes up from love
And to love it returns.
This hungry heart lies open
For love to be returned.

We are the passion. We are the pain.
We are the singers. We are the change.


(c) Shawn d. Allen