by Shawn Allen

Sometimes hope is all we have, and it’s at those times when the greatest magic can happen! These are the times when you must look over the edge into the Abyss (the one that gazes back) and Jump!
We may become Orpheus, descending into Hades to recover lost love – the mature self-love that recognizes the beloved in everything it sees. And this time there will be no turning back.
Or we may find that angels arrive to bear us aloft! We will glimpse Paradise and remember the only Original Sin is to forget that we are a beautiful part of the divine. Then we return, borne by those same angels, with the message and the charge to build that Paradise into our days and lives.
Do not fear! Whether Angels or Abyss, the journey is full of awe and terror, beauty and danger, and it is all yours. It is the most amazing and important thing you can do.
Jump, my dear friend, jump!


Shawn D. Allen
(c) 4-14-2014