by Shawn Allen

There a bad juju out tonight.
Darkman walk the streets;
Got sickness in him teeth,
And lies coat his tongue.
His palehead rub the sky
‘Cause them clouds so low.
Hims black leperfeet make the grass
In the sidewalk crack to die.
Dogs howl at the no-moon,
Lips all covered with foam
Kitty-cat hissing and spit.
Everything smells mean and dirty,
The fog taste like alleywhore sex.
The wind, she full of razors
She whisper filthy things.
Darkman prowl the feversweat street
Looking in windows
And rattle the panes;
Trying the doors.
Looking for cracks to slide
Him stinkfingers in, to spread his pollution
Payphone ring at the liquor store;
Ain’t nobody answer that call.
No nobody on these street
‘Cause there bad juju out tonight
Darkman stalk these streets
Lookin’ him for love,
For something to destroy.

(c) 05-01-2014
Shawn D. Allen.