The Meeting Place

by Shawn Allen

“Where’d the two of you meet?”

For the rest of their lives together, that question was the one that Eric never knew how to answer – especially to his guy friends or, to be honest, himself.
In many ways there were three answers to the question. There was the place and time he’d first seen her (which was not the same for her). There was also the party where they’d first spoken. Finally, there was the first date which, okay technically wasn’t a first meeting, but was a turning point.
However Eric knew, deep inside, that none of those was really the answer. The truth was not something he could put into words. He spent the first few years trying to find, then create, the right words to make sense of it. The closest he ever came were the words he had read once on a college frat-house bathroom wall. Amid all the usual sophomore humor and limericks there was this one quote at his eye level. It was something about meeting in a field beyond understanding or explanations, or something like that. He’d been pretty drunk and wasn’t able to remember it exactly later, but the gist of it never left him.
Making it all more confusing to Eric was that she did have an answer, of sorts. When asked, she would always do and say the same thing. She would cover her eyes with one hand and gently stroke her cheek with the fingers of the other.
“Here,” she would say.

(c) 05-06-2014
Shawn D. Allen.