Zuni Smile

by Shawn Allen

She turned and smiled at him. Something in her seemingly loving gaze made Trevor feel sick; it was a sensation he’d been feeling for a while now. There was something familiar about that look. It pulled at a memory just below the surface of becoming conscious.

He smiled weakly back, intent on keeping up the appearance of normalcy. Most of the gathering was unaware of the problems between he and Amelia, and Thanksgiving was not the time to let on.

The table was set with the usual variety of foods: mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and the turkey. Around the table sat the usual people – in-laws, siblings and children; three generations gathered in gratitude.

‘Well, to eat, anyway,’ Trevor thought.

He looked at them. The teenage kids were openly texting, his brother-in-law had already refilled his bourbon twice, the empty chair where his father would sit if they could pry him away from the football game… and the rest. He realized nothing had much changed over the twenty-one years of their marriage.

Without looking he could see Amelia, sitting to his right with the smugly superior look he’d grown to dislike on her face. That look, too, was almost the same. Almost.

After saying grace and a half-hearted toast to health and family, it was time to carve the turkey. Turning, he met Amelia’s gaze as she held out the carving knife out to him.

Suddenly Trevor realized where he’s seen that smile before. It was Karen Black’s smile from the end of Trilogy of Terror. The one after she’d been possessed by the spirit in the Zuni doll.

ToT Amelia 2

(c) 05-11 2014
Shawn D. Allen