Only In Silence

by Shawn Allen

I want to give you words
But have none
To speak of what I feel:
Those words do not exist.
Our language is far too feeble a thing
For the truth of what I feel,
For the glory I see with these eyes,
The beauty that is you.
How do I describe a star
Without being blinded?
How can I explain the eternal
With temporary sounds?
This tongue, these lips –
They are merely human
And cannot speak of the divine
Without being destroyed.
This flesh is incapable
of expression;
It would burn away
were I to make the attempt.
When held against the fusion of spirits
The stuff of which the world is made
is fragile as any words
I could form.
I want to give you words.
Yet only in silence
Can I adore you.

(c) 5-27-2014
Shawn D. Allen.