by Shawn Allen

In our lives full of pages and posts, text messages and tweets – this culture where sound bites – we have forgotten our stories.

Some tell you, “you are not your story,” and they are wrong. Each of us at every moment of our lives is our own unique story. You are not your past, that book is forever closed. You are not your tomorrows for those words don’t exist yet.

Each step you take be it walking, running, or dancing, is your story. The way your move your hands, the tilt of your head when you kiss, the small sounds you make when you are making love; the angry times and the raptures, the times when you defeat yourself; the look in your eyes when you realize your dream, create something beautiful or recognize yourself in a stranger; the sound of your laughter or joyous, off-key singing – all these are your life, your story in this very, and in every, moment.

We are our stories, our myths and legends and fairy tales and nursery rhymes. We are the heroes and champions,the kings and queens, gods and goddesses. We are also the villains and monsters, the tyrants and devils. We are all these and every other player in the story.

We must remember this and relearn how to make passionate, mad, ecstatic love to our lives again with the words only we can speak, the chapters we are writing, with the great and small stories we create each moment we are alive.

We must reclaim our gift and legacy as storytellers…