Incident from a Bridge

by Shawn Allen

The river claims its own and the fisherman

Has caught nothing but a stone, dragging him downriver.

Down and breaking the surface,

Fighting for precious air

For a while, at least.

Then surrender to the flow.

From the recesses of memory

A simple lullaby his mother used to play;

The slightly out-of-tune piano sound

Drowns the sound of the rushing water.

Underwater, there are no tears,

There will be time for crying, later, later;

But not for him.

His feels himself rush down the river

The heaviness of body detached

From that lighter essence which floats ahead;

Back to the deep blue, to the ocean…

A lonely osprey,

A shimmering fish caught in its talons

Vanishes into the sunrise.


(c) 06-17-2014

Shawn D. Allen.