by Shawn Allen

Many times in life you meet someone seemingly by chance, someone who makes you feel dangerously safe, who shows you moments of beautiful terror and tells you tales of damnation and ecstasy.
Whenever you are with them you feel like you are floating in space, able to see the whole Universe at once, unable to breathe and yet not needing to at all.
When they are not with you, the thought of them takes you to a feeling of flying, far above the clouds.
With them you can think any thought, feel every emotion. Nothing is forbidden, and though the freedom exhilarates and scares you; the awe always brings you back.

I am blessed to now know so many people of this caliber at one time – more than I even knew existed.
You know who you are, and names are not what defines you. It is the quality of your hearts that binds us and lets me know when our souls are talking.
I love all of you and live in surprised gratitude that this mysterious life has brought us together!