The Lady of Winds and Voices: a dream

by Shawn Allen


Suddenly, a great burden of sleep,
Like the weight of the world,
Came upon me in that humid night
and I found my way to bed.
As I slept, I dreamed and
In that dream I was in a place –
A place full of mysteries.
I knew, as one in a dream knows,
That I had traveled many years
And many miles to come to this place.
All around me was the Earth,
My feet could remember the stairs
Carved into the stone
That I’d taken down to this place.
Through a great chasm open to the sky above
I could see the slim crescent of the moon,
Though I knew it would be full
Before this night ended.
Deep within the Earth
I stood upon a ledge;
Before me a huge round hole yawned
And it was as vast and as deep
as the infinite sky overhead.
Winds rushed up from the depths
Eager to reach that sky above.
In those winds were whispers,
Voices of ancestors and
Echoes of future children:
Indecipherable songs of other times.
Then she was with me, invisibly present.
Though I never saw her, I felt her jaguar eyes
Upon me from everywhere.
I could feel purest adoration –
A love without boundary or demand –
Flow forth from her,
Sustaining and reviving me.
Without thinking, I leaned forward,
Out over the chasm,
And the winds, the voices, rushing upward
Held me, suspended over the abyss.
Arms outstretched, and feet upon the ledge
I hung over the hole and
Knew I was safe, because she was there.
She spoke, and said to me,
“You do not have to fall.”
And I woke, then, to feel the wind
of the slowly spinning fan upon my face,
And found that I’d turned
Completely around in my bed:
My head now where my feet should be.



For Suzanne