by Shawn Allen


The decision made,

All things moved into perfect alignment.

World follows desire of the heart,

The truest passions:

I am coming to you,

My journey, my soul, my home.

Neither distance, or barren plain, or jagged mountain

Offers resistance.

Oh! How you sang to me –

Your trees, your river, and your days and nights

All chanting of the divine!

I catch echoes of that song

In all my hours and dreams

‘Tho surrounded by streets and bricks

Of this graveyard metropolis.

You possess me, a call I cannot ignore,

To come, and become.

So, in all ways and places,

This journey is made manifest

And what will be uncovered and birthed

Is of no more consequence

Than the obstacles and excuses

That once seemed so very real,

Yet melted away

Once desire set intention

into heavenly motion.


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