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“No” is very powerful.

Finding the Magic Within

How many of us were raised to know our place, to be polite, to do what we were told? Parents, teachers, even siblings, laid down the rules of behaviour for us at an early age. There is no doubt that the belief systems we were born into and have acquired throughout our lives are deeply entrenched in who we are. Yet as we get older and build lives of our own, these rules may no longer be in our best interests.

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The Fool

Journeys end and begin again
Remembering and creation
The never-ending spiral
Dancing outward, onward
From now.
Stepping from the unseen edge
Of the knowing world,
Waiting for wings.
Oh, divine fool,
Holy madman,
Child of possibility –
Adventure is yours!

(c) 6-7-2014
Shawn D. Allen


Just something I posted to Facebook as text, then my friend Jim Sharp made this amazing meme image from it!

my words, my world

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Speaking of sloth . . .

One content pooch. This is what happens when you make two hamburgers and give your dog about 1/3 of one of them.
Spoiled? Naaaaaaah.